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Accredited Machinery And Equipment Appraisers

Our Machinery and equipment appraisers have achieved professional designations from the two most prominent and distinguished valuation organizations in the world; Accredited Senior Appraisers (ASA) from the American Society of Appraisers, and Members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).  These credentials represent professionalism and quality and ensure that our customers will receive reliable and credible equipment appraisals from skilled valuers.

Machinery And Equipment Appraisers Offering Years Of Experience

We have extensive equipment appraisal experience appraising various types of machinery and equipment within almost every major industry for over 40 years, compiling a comparable sales database that is one of the largest in the business. With all of the current financial uncertainty in the world, it is more vital than ever for financial institutions, corporations and other organizations to have a clear and accurate appraisal of their machinery and equipment. We have the machinery appraisal experience necessary to provide accurate valuations of machinery and equipment in a rapidly changing market.

Clients Regularly Seek Machinery And Equipment Appraisal Advice On A Broad Range Of Business Decisions

  SBA/CDC 504 & 7(a) financing
  Lending collateral
  Restructuring & turnaround
  Financial reporting
  Asset management
  Insurance & taxation
  Market analysis
  Risk management
  Business planning
  Expert witness & dispute resolution
  Estate & guardianship
  Property tax reduction
  Asset impairment
  Auction & auction consultation



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Used Equipment: What Are the Key Trends?

The used and re-conditioned machinery market is experiencing solid demand due to factors including Covid-19 and the rise of online auctions.

United Rentals, which sells its used fleet through its sales force, brokers, and website, as well as at auctions and directly to manufacturers, describes the market as buoyant. When the world’s biggest rental company sounds upbeat about sales of used equipment, it’s worth taking note. To read International Rental News’ Belinda Smart report, click here

IBM Vs. State of Indiana

In 2012 International Appraisals, Inc. was retained by International Business Machines Corp (IBM) as an expert witness in the landmark trial of IBM vs. State of Indiana over a canceled $1.4 Billion welfare system modernization contract . We performed a machinery and equipment appraisal and provided expert witness testimony to the court on behalf of IBM. The court awarded IBM $9.5 Million in equipment expenses based upon our expert testimony and equipment appraisal. 

Government Security Clearance

International Appraisals, Inc. has received security clearance for a machinery and equipment appraisal of an international mechanical contractor at the U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Ronald Savill, ASA, MRICS, delegate to the 7th International Conference On The Valuation Of Plant Machinery And Equipment in Beijing China. Machinery and equipment appraisers and valuers from around the world gather to discuss current machinery and equipment appraisal topics.









International Appraisals, Inc.

Ronald J. Savill, ASA, MRICS
David L. Strange


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